27 October 2010

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The main advantage of bias-ply tires is in its load carrying capabilities in relation to tire size. A smaller bias-ply tire can carry more load than a radial tire of similar size. The drawbacks are higher friction, equating to higher tire temperatures which results in faster wear. Also, the tread contact area (the area were tread meets pavement) is smaller and since the sidewall and tread area are constructed of one material, cornering affects the contact area more than on radial designed tires.

The advantages of radial tires include longer tread life, better steering characteristics, and less rolling resistance, which increases gas mileage. On the other hand, radials have a harder riding quality, and technologically are more complex than bias-ply tires, so they cost more to produce.

In case of a small puncture the rate of air loss is slow as the halobutyl layer is bonded to the carcass. It seals itself like in an injection bottle. In a tube type tyre, the tube is independent of the tyre and in case of puncture, it deflate fast. The slow rate of air loss makes tubeless tyres safer.A special valve is used as there are no tubes.Thereare no tubes. Hence tube related problems also .Reduction in overall weight of the tyre rim assembly. Hence better fuel-efficient. (Approximately around 1%).

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